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Beauty Tips – The Benefit of Drinking Lots of Water and Fruit Infusion

If anyone out there is like me, you will constantly have people telling you that ‘you really should drink more water’. On average, 8 glasses or 2 litres (which ever you prefer!) is the recommended daily intake – something which can be quite a challenge for many!

Lack of water can cause various health complaints including dehydration, headaches, constipation and dry skin.

It may come as a surprise to you that water is the main component of the human body and there are certain parts of our bodies which consist mainly of water, including the brain which is a staggering 90% water! Water plays a vital role within the body, helping with the transportation and absorption of nutrients and the regulation of body temperature.

Water also aids metabolism, hydrates and detoxifies resulting in weight loss, clear and hydrated skin and a happier you which is of course essential not only in the lead up to your wedding day, but everyday!

fruit water

Of course, drinking 8 glasses of water a day comes easier to some than others. Some of you may simply not have the time to worry about drinking what seems like a huge amount of water, others may forget as they do not become as thirsty throughout the day (I am guilty of this!!). However for some, it is the taste. Some people simply don’t like water and therefore add all sorts of squashes or cordials, resulting in a higher sugar intake – which unfortunately will not result in weight loss or healthy skin.

Do not be put off – I am sure you have all seen the latest craze of fruit infused water. Not only is this a delicious and refreshing alternative to plain water but it also provides added health benefits as a lot of fruits act as antioxidants which help to reduce the chances of developing heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Cancers.  – Oranges, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries have particularly high antioxidant levels! Throw in a little mint, cucumber, lemon – there are no rules, decide what you like and go from there!  You can purchase bottles with built in diffusers or you can simply add sliced fruit to your glass/bottle – An easy and tasty way to start getting your recommended daily intake.

infused water

So next time you are about to perform the water swerve just remember that by sipping regularly you will be well on the way to a clearer complexion, bright eyes, hydrated skin and a healthier body.

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