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Choosing the Right Table Names

One of elements of your wedding day that every guest will definitely see are the table names and therefore you want to get them right! Below are our five favourite ideas for naming your tables and getting your guests talking.

1 – Places that mean something to you as a couple

By naming your tables after places/locations that mean something to you as a couple, you allow your guests an insight into your personal lives. I recently went to a wedding where the Bride and Groom had named their tables after restaurants they had visited together for dates and anniversaries – something that provided a talking point for everyone on the table and also a glimpse into their life together. Of course, you could name the tables after holiday destinations or landmarks you have visited together – this topic really covers a broad spectrum.


2 – Dedicated to Lost Loved Ones

I have to say for me personally, this is one of my favourite ways to name tables. Some will be lucky enough not to have lost any relatives or friends but for those who wish certain loved ones could share their special day, this is a really sentimental way to include them. You can also write a small piece under the table name of who the person is and what they meant to you. 


3 – Films

As a couple, you are bound to have films that mean something to you as a couple or that you simply enjoy watching together. By naming tables after films you are bound to get a conversation flowing with your guests. You can always use famous movie couples for your table names as well – for example Carrie & Mr. Big from Sex and the City or Danny & Sandy from Grease!!


4 – Animals

If you are anything like me, animals will have played a big part in your life growing up. If so, then why not choose your favourite animals to name the tables where your guests will enjoy a lovely wedding breakfast and nice glass of champers! Another alternative is to give your tables the names of your pets from childhood to adulthood. What a way to add a little bit of cute to your day!


5 – Years

Naming your tables after years with particular relevance to you as couple is an idea we love. Of course, if you are planning to be married quite soon after meeting then this may not work so well for you, but for those who have had long partnerships prior to marriage this can really work well. Under the name of the table you can allow your guests an insight into why the year was special for you as a couple – for example the year you met, had a child or got engaged.


Of course these are only five ideas, you can name your tables in any way that you like, however we hope this has given you a little inspiration if it was something you were struggling with. If you have any ideas which you think we’d like to hear about please comment below.

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