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Beauty Tips – Hair and Make-up, a Quick Guide.

Welcome to our first beauty post, which we can assure you is going to be the first of many! When it comes to your wedding and the events leading up to the big day you want to be prepared in every sense, and this includes channelling your inner glamour queen with both hair and make-up. Of course, the look that may appeal to one person will be completely out of the question for somebody else. That is the beauty of hair and make-up, there really are no rules. You can be as natural or as glam as you like depending on your personal preference. Below Amy will run you through a quick guide to big-day hair and make-up. Please continue to visit us for more beauty hacks, tutorials and brand comparisons and reviews.


Although it may seem like a simple and small detail in the grand scheme of things, your choice of hair and make-up on your big day can have a tremendous impact on the overall package! You want to feel amazing & special like you deserve to feel on your wedding day. Here, we are going to give you a few tips and options that will hopefully give you something to consider when making those all important decisions!


I am only going to go over a few different options with regards to hairstyles, mainly on making a good foundation for a possible hair piece whatever that maybe. We have a post that already touches on the beauty of a flower tiara and an upcoming post regarding veils and tiaras, so that’s something to look forward to.

Up or down is the first dilemma we seem to have and is completely down to personal preference. The only things I would urge you to consider are the pro’s and con’s on both options.




* Having an up do is very stylish and can add elegance and structure; also it will accentuate your neck.

*It can help with making sure you don’t get too hot and sweaty with it lying on your back, especially for those of you with long hair.

*If done right it will stay in during the day and nights festivities and you won’t need to worry about spot checks and any volume or curls dropping.

*It will have a better foundation to hold any hair pieces or decoration you might want to add.


*Can be a pain to undo at the end of the day.

*Can cause some discomfort during the day, especially for those who aren’t use to having their hair up.

* Depending on style you may have to allow more time than you think for it to be put up and any adjustments made.

*If any pieces do get misplaced during the day you will have to get someone who isn’t the hairdresser to adjust the issue.




*It will take half the time to style then putting it up.


*A relaxed, effortless look.

*Can help conceal any scars/tattoos in that area that you might not want exposed.


*It may drop or loose its shape and volume.

*It can get very hot and sweaty.

*It can get in your way or caught up in your dress etc.

* Depending on your dress it can hide away any shoulder or back detailing it may have.

Now we are going to show you a few of our favourite styles; a mixture of both and for those of you that aren’t completely set on up or down we have thrown some half up, half down looks in too.image


Now so many options are available, from looks and colour palettes, it can be overwhelming. The biggest bit of advice we can offer you would be to be true to your individual style. We have got a few of our favourite styles that we will show you just remember everyone’s face shape and skin tones are different so please remember not to try and completely copy these looks but adjust them so they work for you.

Natural Beauty

This is our favourite look for a wedding, fresh faced shine to the skin, that barely there make-up look. It keeps you looking light, with just pinches of colour to the cheek and lips. A very neutral eye with just a little eyeliner to define the features before the end mascara to finish the look.

image image

Smoking Siren

This is just that one step up from the “natural beauty” perfect for those of you that want to put a punch of colour into their look but still keep that fresh skin. Use a smokey eye with similar deep shades to tone to the lip colour. Remember to use deep not bright colours otherwise it can look cheap if you aren’t careful. A Matt look can give a real sharp finish to the look.

image image

Bold Bride

There is also a few brides whose make up needs to be as bold as their personality and that’s ok if that’s true to them. So here we have chosen a look that is very glamorous and full in colour and pop, using colours to give a sophisticated look.


We hope this has given you some insight into what you might be looking for now. For daily inspiration please check out our Instagram & Pinterest account, also feel free to comment below with any questions and we will get back to you.

Amy xo

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